All aboard the good ship SCREE.


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SCREE in association with Syndicate is proud to present an evening of experimental poetry, music and visual art
Saturday 14th June 2014


+ ANAK-ANAK +              +SARAH HAYDEN+                         + ROBERT KIELY +

                               +RICHARD TAYLOR +                  + ILIOP +
              + STRING TRIO (members of Lipsync for a Lullaby and s i n k) +

This evening raises its glass to Dick Higgins who said: ‘The idea has arisen, as if by spontaneous combustion throughout the entire world, that these points are arbitrary and only useful as critical tools, in saying that such-and-such a work is basically musical, but also poetry. This is the intermedial approach, to emphasize the dialectic between the media… As with the cubists, we are asking for a new way of looking at things. We do not ask any more to speak magnificently of taking arms against a sea of troubles, we want to see it done.’

Stimulation, provocation and/or happiness guaranteed.
£3 at door for 7.30pm start.


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